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Space Butler Meet Space Butler:

A Butler's Introduction: Space Butler first appears in the second episode of the anime series, Quack Experimental Anime: Excel Saga. Space Butler, standing quite tall, is an old man. Aside from being dressed in violet, and having a wacky mixture of colors for hair, it isn't to hard to guess that Space Butler is indeed a butler. We first meet Space Butler on the mothership of the Puchuu Clan. He just can't stand how cute 'em little Puchuus are, doing their war dance and all. Space Butler is actually on a mission.

A Butler's Speech: Here are the voice actors who contributed to Space Butler's voice.
Japanese Seiyuu: ??
English Voice Actor: Phil Ross (Slayers: The Motion Picture, Dirty Pair Flash, KOR, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Spriggan, and more!)

A Butler's Mission: Many viewers don't know, but Space Butler plays a big part in the Excel Universe. His mission is to get Princess Hyatt to Earth. We can see, as he is on the mothership of the Puchuu Clan, that Princess Hyatt is indeed sleeping in a coffin-like case. Of course, thanks to the strange help from Excel Excel (or "Excel" for short), he was able to start sneaking Princess Hyatt out. The Puchuus were quite too busy to notice, since Excel was beginning to destroy one of their allie's ships.

A Butler's Betrayal: Too soon, Chief Puchuu discovered Space Butler's little scheme and announced in his language, "You betray us, Space Butler!" So now Space Butler is surrounded with Puchuus. What is a Butler to do when these fiendish foes are so CUTE?!

A Butler's Friend: In danger, who is to come and save our Space Butler? What do you know? It's Space Butler's old friend, Nabeshin, to the rescue! Blind-folded, Nabeshin prepares for battle, but alas, a Puchuu removes his blind-fold, and Nabeshin gives into their cuteness. Space Butler and Nabeshin were great friends, and back in the good 'ol days, they could do anything, or at least they thought they could. Sometimes Nabeshin refers Space Butler as his "master".

A Butler's Sacrifice: Running from the attacking, but still cute, Puchuus, Space Butler decides to take action, and orders Nabeshin to take Princess Hyatt, as he deals with their cute enemies. Nabeshin, following orders, speeds off with the sleeping beauty's safety in his hands. Space Butler, now relizing that he strangly got wounded in his left ribs, thinks back on the past, going through nostalgia. Alas, the Puchuus find Space Butler and get ready to go for the kill. Space Butler prepares for his final action, and announces that there is a big difference between cute animals and keeping a promise to a friend. Space Butler gets a small hand-held ignition and bids farewell. Igniting a bomb, destroying the mother-ship. "Audios."

In the End: Even if Nabeshin's last word to Space Butler was "bitch", we should still appreciate what Space Butler has done. For viewers who own the series, next time when you watch episode two, remember to thank Space Butler for his noble deed.

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