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Friendly Accomplices:

Here are a few characters who have been a few friendly accomplices for Space Butler.

NabeshinName: Nabeshin
Episodes: All
Notes: » Space Butler's best friend.
» His name is actually from the director's full name - "Shinichi Wantanabe" = "Nabe-shin".
» He can pull a pledora of things out of his afro. "That's some bad dandruff, man!" - Excel

Japanese Seiyuu: Shinichi Watanabe! (director of the Excel Saga Anime series)
English Actor: Brett Weaver (Sorcerer Hunters, Ruin Explorers, Ushio & Tora, and more!)
Nabeshin is Space Butler's best friend. They always had good times in the past, and believed that they could do anything. Nabeshin becomes of some assistance when Space Butler is surrounded by the Puchuus.


TetsukoName: Tetsuko
Episodes: #03
Notes: » Never shown on-screen with Space Butler.
» Her Iron Mask parodies Tekkamen.
» Tetsuko is drawn to be in the art-style of Leji Matsumoto.

Japanese Seiyuu: Tomomichi Nishimura
English Actor: Andy McAvin (Princess Nine, Spriggan, Martain Successor Nadesico, and more!)
It is evident that Tetsuko knows who Space Butler is. When Nabeshin frees her in episode 3, she asks him "how's Space Bulter doing?" Tetsuko seems to be Nabeshin's lover.


IlpalazzoName: Ilpalazzo
Episodes: All
Notes: » Leader of the exclusive organization, ACROSS.
» Terrible guitar player.
» He can't win hand-held dating games.

Japanese Seiyuu: Takehito Koyasu
English Actor: Jason Douglas (A.D. Police, KOR, Generator Gawl, and more!)
It is VERY slightly evident that Space Butler has a relationship with Ilapalazzo. Perhaps Ilpalazzo is the "friend" Space Butler is keeping a promise to.


Princess HyattName: Princess Hyatt
Episodes: #02-26
Notes: » Evident that she is from Mars.
» Her name is from a Hotel.
» She continuously drops dead.

Japanese Seiyuu: Omi Minami
English Actor: Monica Rial (Princess Nine, Noir, Steel Angel Kurumi, and more!)
It was Space Butler's mission to send Princess Hyatt safely to Earth. Thanks to some help, he accomplished his goal. Princess Hyatt may be part of this "promise" Space Butler had been keeping.


Excel ExcelName: Excel Excel
Episodes: All
Notes: » Tortures an innocent dog (Menchi), and uses it as her Emergency Food Source.
» She has a "thing" for Ilpalazzo. Teenage girl crush?
» She's a horrible singer.

Japanese Seiyuu: Kotono Mitsuishi
English Actor: Jessica Calvello (New Cutey Honey, Ruin Explorers, Dragon Half, and more!)
Excel Excel (or "Excel" for short) provided some help in Space Butler's mission. She hijacked a ship belonging to the Puchuu Clan, and destroyed it!
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