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Horrifyingly Cute!:

Beware of the evil, but terrifyingly cute, foes of Space Butler!

PuchuusName/Species: Puchuus
Episodes: #02+
Notes: » Parodies of Pocket Monsters/Pokemon.
» They wear diapers.
» The hold futon beaters.

Japanese Seiyuu: Omi Minami (also Princess Hyatt in this series)
English Actor/Actresses:
» Lead Puchuus: Kira Solar (Princess Nine, Sorcerer Hunters, and more!)
» Additional Puchuus: Tiffany Grant (Princess Nine, Sorcerer Hunters, Neon Genisis Evangelion, and more!)
» Dead/Injured/Ugly Puchuus: Mike Vance (Princess Nine, Gasaraki, Excel Saga [Mayor in episode 5], and more!)

These cute aliens plot to take over the Earth. But thanks to Space Butler, and his accomplices, the Puchuus were stopped and killed. They look cute, normally, but when they get hurt, they get these horrible faces. The Puchuus can only say their name (a la Pokemon) and use futon beaters as weapons. Though the mother-ship was destroyed in episode 2, they make usual cameos in later episodes.


ChiefName: Chief Puchuu
Episodes: #02
Notes: » Wears a differently colored diaper.
» Wears two 100-Point Patches.
» He wears a beard.

Japanese Seiyuu: Omi Minami (also Princess Hyatt in this series)
English Actor: Greg Stanley (Slayers: The Motion Picture, KOR, Martain Successor Nadesico, and more!)
Chief Puchuu is the one who gives the orders. When he orders his men to dance the War Dance, they dance the War Dance. Chief Puchuu is the only one of his species who isn't identical to one another. He stands out of them all. He likes giving out 100-Point patches.
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